Resources I Personally Use To Manage My Time & Creativity

It can be incredibly hard to manage my time and creativity with all that I have going on so I have to rely on a few heaving hitting tools that help me streamline the process. This page is filled with resources that I personally use, some of which are free and downloadable, that will help you along your journey towards reclaiming your time and creativity in order to live the life you love and thrive while doing it. Check them out below.

Struggling To Get Your To Do List Complete Each Day? Use This Time Blocking Template To Organize Your Days, Weeks And Months For Optimal Productivity.

Want To Quickly Plan For And Post Relevant Content? Download This Planner And Tracker So That You Can Batch Create Content That Converts.

Tired Of Making Goals But Never Fulfilling Them? Download This S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Template To Help You Crush Your Goals In No Time!

I use my iPad for everything! This tool is so critical in my organization and planning in every area of my life. I use an app called Goodnotes in order to be able to write down notes, annotate a document, sign paper work, and create calendar systems. This tool allows me to connect to the internet which can make content creation a breeze on the go. Pair it with the apple pencil and you have two things that I just cannot live without.

My templates and freebies are all designed using this tool. As a degree holding digital graphic designer I am used to using applications like Photoshop and Illustrator but when I first learned about the ease of use and quick maneuvering of this tool I jumped right in. It can create presentations, logos, websites and more. By using all of its features, including the additional apps you have access to a design powerhouse for a fraction of the cost of professional programs.

My cellphone is an extension of me and I use it just like another computer by downloading important applications that can make my life easier. I have the mobile versions of all of my social media applications, my main CRM and Website/funnel hosting software, calendar apps, timers, and so much more. I am constantly looking for new and different ways to shave time off of my task list, and couldn't do that without several key productivity apps. Choose the ones that help you the most because no two people will be the same.

This is your one stop shop for everything business related and I am so happy that I found it. For the price and value, no other company beats it. With its one time low fee, it includes a CRM, Website and funnel builder, Calendar, Payment system, Pipelines, reputation manager, chat and blogging system for a one time next to nothing fee. It truly is the ultimate"All-IN-ONE" sales pipeline management & marketing automation platform that makes ALL others obsolete.

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