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I'm Maribel, CEO and Founder of Grafically Yours. Art and Design are my first love and I developed my skills many moons ago. As I got older, I began to freelance, left the brick and mortar setting and branched out on my own. As a graduate of Digital Graphic Design, I began working in the private sector but knew there was more out there for me.

I later changed course, and as a licensed educator I knew that I could use the design skills my degree and experience had afforded me to create specialized curricula for students. So, I put my graphic arts skills to good use and created individualized resources that teachers can purchase worldwide to help increase student achievement.

For years I have been creating digital art, organizational tools, and curriculum resources using simple software. I have mastered various platforms that both novices and professionals use. I have spent countless dollars investing in my own training and now, I want to share my passion for digital design with you!

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" 50 Social Media Templates That Help You Market Your Content so it Converts"

If you're tired of spending hours of your precious time creating social media marketing posts with barely anything to show for it, LISTEN UP...

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As a 20+ year veteran graphic designer, I have taken all of the guesswork out of this process and replaced it with 50 templates that you can use over and over again.

I spent the time designing them for you so that you can use your time more effectively elsewhere.

For a limited time , I'm sharing this package, that I normally sell, with you so that YOU can reclaim your time and invest it in your own creative genius.

In this FREE template package I've included:

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➡ Sales templates that will help you showcase your goods and services to your ideal clients

➡ Plus many others...

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